Three Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay RNPP-311M


Voltage AC 400 – 415V, 3-4 Pole, 5A, Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Phase Loss, Phase Imbalance, Phase Sequence protection with ON delay & OFF delay timer. Country of Origin: India

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RNPP-311M voltage monitoring relay is designed for protection of three phase loads against major types of mains faults, such as:

  • RMS voltage reaching beyond admissible thresholds – over and under voltage
  • Phase loss or Single phasing
  • Phase sequence order violation or reverse phase sequence
  • Phase coincidence or shorting of two or more phases
  • Phase Imbalance or asymmetry

The device performs monitoring of the main circuit parameters and de-energizes (trips) load when the parameters fall beyond specified boundaries.

The front panel LEDs display the following:

  • Presence of true RMS voltage in the mains
  • Load status (On/Off)
  • Type of fault

Adjustment potentiometers allow for setting:

  • Tripping threshold for the minimum/the maximum voltage, (% of the rated voltage)
  • Time delay for load re-energizing (reset) after the circuit parameters recovery
  • Tripping time delay for load de-energizing (trip) in case of all circuit voltage faults

With DIP switches on the device’s front panel the user can select the type of circuit monitored 400 / 415V, and turn on/off monitoring of the following circuit parameters:

  • Phase sequence
  • Phase imbalance or asymmetry
  • Under voltage
  • Over voltage

Corresponding combinations of the RNPP-311M switches allow for functioning in various modes:

  • Mode of circuit voltage comprehensive monitoring
  • Minimum/the maximum voltage monitoring mode
  • Minimum voltage monitoring mode
  • Maximum voltage monitoring mode
  • Phase presence monitoring mode
  • Phase sequence violation and phase coincidence monitoring mode
  • Phase imbalance monitoring mode; and other modes

The phase availability monitoring function is maintained in any position of the switches, including OFF position. The feature of 24V DC online power supply is available (optional).

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