Single Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay RN-119

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Voltage AC 220 – 240V, 2 Pole, 10 – 16A, Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Neutral break protection with ON delay timer, slim 1S module. Country of Origin: India

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Single phase voltage monitoring relay RN-119 is designed to disconnect the household and industrial single-phase load in case of unacceptable voltage fluctuations in the mains, and then automatically turn on after restoration of the mains parameters. In case of load power of up to 2.3 kW (current is up to 10A) for RN-118 or load power of up to 3.6 kW (current is up to 16A) for RN-119, the disconnection is done directly by the device the output contacts of which are included in power supply load outage. In case of higher power, the disconnection is done by the magnetic contactor of the appropriate power, the output contacts of the device are connected to the coil power supply for circuit disconnection (MC is not included in the delivery set).

RN-119 detects the maximum and minimum voltage values from the moment the power supply voltage is applied to the device or since the last time the stored values were viewed.

RN-119 protects single phase loads from Neutral break condition, when reverse voltage flows through neutral and 415V (linear voltage) appears instead of 240V (phase voltage).

RN-119 indicates the actual value (true RMS) of the input voltage and the state of the output relay contacts.

RN-119 has inbuilt ON delay timer programmable from 5 sec to 900 sec.

The device can be operated in four independent modes:

  • Over and Under Voltage Relay;
  • Over Voltage Relay;
  • Under Voltage Relay;
  • ON Delay Relay;
  • Neutral break protection.

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  1. waifxnlz

    Its very compact and multi-functional.

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