Single Phase Power Controller and Monitoring Relay OM-163


Single Phase Power Controller & Monitoring Relay –

Model OM-163
Usage Industrial, Laboratory, Domestic
Current (A) 0 – 63A AC programmable
Voltage (V) 130V – 300V AC 50Hz
Number of Poles 1P + N (Single Phase)
Application Power Controller (Limiter), Voltage Monitoring, Overcurrent Relay, Power Display (KVA, KW, KVAr)
Relay Output 63A @ 250V AC direct, any current through contactors
Type Digital, Automatic
Digital Display LED Display – Voltage, Current, Power (KVA, KW, KVAr)

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ОМ-163 is designed to protect (disconnect) the equipment (load) connected to it in the following cases:
− exceeding the threshold value of the controlled parameter;
− deviation of the mains voltage from the set values;
− excess of the temperature of the contact group (85 °С).

ОМ-163 can be used as:
− power consumption limiting relay;
− voltage relay;

— current overload relay;

− energy meter (indication of total, active, reactive power, current consumption and mains voltage).

ОМ-163 is powered by the circuit that feeds the load. ОМ-163 displays the value of the parameters and the status of the relay using LED indicators and display.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: OM-163
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India

Ranges of measured and controlled parameters:

DescriptionControlled rangeMeasured range
Total power, kVA1 – 140 – 14
Active power, kW1 – 140 – 14
Reactive power, kVAr1 – 140 – 14
Load current, A1 – 630.5 – 63
Input voltage, V160 – 280120 – 350

Technical Brief:

 AC single-phase operating supply voltage, V230/240
 Mains frequency, Hz47 – 65
 Rated voltage of insulation, V450
 Rated impulse withstand voltage, kV2.5
 Accuracy of total power measurement, min., %5
 Accuracy of active power measurement, min., %5
 Accuracy of reactive power measurement, min., %5
 Accuracy of current measurement, min., %2.5
 Accuracy of voltage measurement in the range of 120 – 350 V, min., %2
 On-delay, min1 − 600
 Off-delay, s1 – 300
 Voltage on-delay, s1 – 900
 Readiness time, max, s0.8
 Maximum switched current with active load, A63
Power consumption when load is not connected, max., W3
 Maximum voltage when maintaining serviceability (effective value), V450
 Minimum voltage when maintaining serviceability (effective value), V130
 Fixed off-delay due to Umах, s1
 Fixed off-delay due to Umin, s12
 Fixed time of response in case of voltage spike of more than 450 V and pulse duration reaching more than 1.5 ms, max., s0.05
 Fixed time of response when voltage reducing more than 60 V of set point for Umin or when voltage reducing less than 145 V, s0.12
 Fixed time of response in case of voltage spike of more than 30 V of set point for Umах or in case of voltage spike of more than 285 V, s0.12
 Accuracy of determination of the voltage operation threshold, V3
 Hysteresis of voltage, V5
 Rated operating conditionContinuous
 Protection class rating of the deviceIP10
 Electric shock protection classII
 Climatic design versionUHL 3.1
 Permissible contamination levelII
 Overvoltage categoryII
 Conductor cross-section for connecting to terminals, mm²0.5 – 16.0
 Tightening torque of the terminal screws, N*m2±0.2
 Weight, max., kg0.2
 Overall dimensions, НхВхL, mm93х52х64.5
 Installation is on standard 35 mm DIN-rail
 The device remains operational capability in any position in space
 Housing material – self-extinguishing plastic
 If the mains voltage is less than 120 V and more than 350 V, the voltage value measured by the device is not correct.

Relay Output Contacts Specifications:

Max. current at voltage of ~220 V (сos ф = 1), А63
Max. power when contacts are closed, kVA14
Max. switching power (сos ф = 0.4), kVA1.4
Max. permissible AC voltage, V250

Service life:

  • mechanical, min., time;
  • electrical, min., time;

500 thousand

10 thousand

OM-163 meets the requirements of the following:

  • IEC 60947-1, Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear; Part 1; General rules;
  • IEC 60947-6-2, Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear; Part 6-2; Multiple function equipment; Control and protective switching devices;
  • CISPR 11, Electromagnetic compatibility; Industrial, scientific and medical RF equipment; Electromagnetic interference characteristics; Limits and methods of measurements;
  • IEC 61000-4-2, Electromagnetic compatibility; Part 4-2; Testing and measurement techniques; Electrostatic discharge immunity test.

Harmful substances in amounts exceeding maximum permissible concentrations are not available.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

3 pole MCB size (W:52 x H:93 x D:64.5 mm)




DIN Rail


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