Single Phase Motor Starter and Protection Device UBZ-115


Single Phase Motor Starter & Protection Device –

Power (Watts or HP) 0.5kW – 2kW (1HP– 3HP)
Motor Voltage 220V – 240V AC
Motor Brand Any
Phase Single Phase AC
Speed (Rpm) Any
Voltage Type AC
Operating Voltage (V) 160V – 280V
Number of Poles 1 Pole + N
Application Single phase motor protection, Submersible pump protection
Rated Current (Amps) 0.5A to 25A programmable
Output Type Triac + Relay SPDT 40A

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Single Phase Induction Electric Motor Starter & Protection Unit UBZ-115 is a microprocessor unit. UBZ-115 provides protection to single-phase induction electric motors with power up to 2 kW (25А). The UBZ-115 unit is designed to provide permanent control of mains voltage parameters and current effective value, which is consumed by the 230V/50Hz motor. In the UBZ-115 provides an external input for remote start or stop the motor, and feature “soft start” the motor up to 5 seconds.

UBZ-115 provides protection in the following situations:

 when the mains voltage is of poor quality (over & under voltage);

 mechanical overloads of the motor (over current);

 when motor torque is lost (“dry stroke”);

 delayed start or rotor jamming;

 thermal overload (thermal model of the motor). For each separate type of fault, the unit allows to enable or disable an automatic reset (AR) of the motor.

Main technical specifications: 

Rated single phase supply voltage, V~230 
Minimum/maximum functional voltage, V130 – 300 
Protection against current overload (currents greater than 40A)yes 
MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker), A32 (class B) 
Mains frequency, Hz48 – 62 
Harmonical configuration (nonsinusoidality) of power supply voltage

EN 61000-3-2

(IEC 1000-3-2)

Maximum load capacity, kW5.5 
Rated current, А25 
Maximum allowable start current, A40 
Trip threshold accuracy for current, ≤, % of rated current3 
Trip threshold accuracy for voltage, ≤, V3 
Hysteresis return on voltage, ≤, V4 
Data storage term, years, not less than10 
Current consumption (at 220 V), ≤, mA200 
Weight, ≤, kg2.6 
Overall dimensions, mm252 х 188 х 125 
Remote control (water level sensor) inputClean contact 
Motor control through

Relay 40A, 240V

Triac 40A, 800V

Output connections starting capacitorTriac 40A, 800V 
Device allocationControl equipment and distribution
Typical operationContinued
Device level protectionIP30
Index protection of electrical shock0I
Climatic modificationUHL3.1
Permissible degree of pollutionII
Overvoltage categoryII
Nominal voltage of isolation, V450
Rated impulse withstand voltage, kV2.5
Selectable space positionVertical
The relays output terminals specification:  

Cos ф

Max. current for U~ 240 ВMax. powerMax. voltage ~Terminals material 


40 A7200 VA240 VAgSnO 

Commutation resource of output terminals:

– electrical resource 40A 240V AC, times, not less than

– mechanical resource, times, not less than

100 thousand

10 million


Operating conditions:

The unit is designed for operation in the following conditions:

– ambient temperature is from minus 25 to +55 °С;

– storage temperature is from minus 45 to +70 °С;

– atmospheric pressure is from 84 to 106.7 kPa;

– relative air humidity (at 35 °С) is 30…90%.

Additional information

Weight 3.0 kg

Wall mountable (W:252 x H:249 x D:140 mm)




Wall mounting


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