Multifunction Astronomical Timer REV-303


Multifunction Astronomical Timer REV-303 –

Display Type Digital – OLED graphical display
Model REV-303
Current 16A direct and any load through contactors
Voltage 220 – 240V AC & 12 – 24V DC
Relay Output SPDT (1NO+1NC) 16A
Functional Modes Selectable – Astronomical (latitude-longitude), Weekly Timer, Daily Timer, Simple Timer
Events/Program 500 events spread over 2 selectable preset programs (P1 & P2)
Usage/Application Astronomical Time Switch, Lighting System Smart Control, Street Light Automation, Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Automation, Machine/Equipment On/Off operation

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Multifunctional Astronomical Timer REV-303 is a microprocessor-based programmable device designed to control the loads in real time without permanent maintenance with minimum expenses and maximum electricity saving. Timer REV-303 can be used to switch on the heating system, pumps, fans, school signals, street illumination, highlighting of buildings fronts (around territories, car parking and other objects). Timer REV-303 can automatically define the time of sun rise and sun set on the basis of entered coordinates and current time which enables to control the illumination (street light) without using the external sensors.

Timer REV-303 features:

  • Two programs of control with quick switching over between them;
  • Four operational modes of timer (astronomic, weekly, daily and simple modes);
  • Calendar with operational life for 6 years period without external power supply;
  • Accuracy of planned events 1 second and 0.1 second in simple mode of timer;
  • Total internal memory for 500 independent events, divided between the programs;
  • Automatic shift for summer time and winter time;
  • Light-emitting graphic display (OLED);
  • Indication of current state of relays contacts;
  • Control of timer with 4 buttons, located on the front panel;
  • Possibility to set an access password for setup menu;
  • Power supply from the electric line 24 – 265 V 50/60 Hz or from DC source of 8-24 V battery;
  • 16A relay output 250V AC

Every day the timer calculates the real time of sunrise and sunset, sums this time with the time of event, and then the resulted time is referenced with the clock of real time and if the resulted time is more or equal to real time – the time will switch the load relay in state which is assigned by the event.

The above described algorithm is performed for each event planned by the user. In case when there are more than 1 event planned, only the event which corresponds to the real time clock will be activated, other events will not be performed. At the latitudes where there is a polar day, the events concerning the sunset will not be performed and the time of the sunrise is taken as equal to 00:00. At the latitudes where there is a polar night the events concerning the sunrise will not be performed, and the time of the sunset is taken as equal to 00:00.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: REV-303
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India

Technical Charecteristics:

External power supply (AC/DC), V24 – 265
Power line frequency, Hz45 – 65
Power consumption (from power line ~230 V), W, not more1.5
Power supply from DC supply source (battery), V8 – 24
Power consumption (from DC supply source +12 V), W, not more0.6
Accuracy of planned events, sec1 and 0.1*
Max. number of planned events500
Work period of clock without power line supply (at temperature 25 ºС), years6
Accuracy of clock, at temperature 25 ºС, not more, sec/day1
Min. time of contacts commutation, sec0.015
Indication of load relay stateyes
Parameters saving at power supply lossyes
Data saving period, years, not less10
Number and type of contacts, 16 A1 toggle type
Weight, kg, not more0.2
Intended use of deviceControl and distribution devices
Standard operational modecontinuous
Device protection class (front panel / terminals plate)ІР40 / IP20
Electric shock protection classII
Climatic typeNC3.1
Permissible contamination levelII
Overvoltage categoryII
Nominal isolation voltage, V450
Nominal withstand impulse voltage, kV2.5
Cross section of terminals connection wires, mm²0.2 – 2.5
Terminal screws, N*m0.4
Installation on standard fixing DIN-rail 35 mm
Position in space user-defined
*  Accuracy of planned events 0.1 sec. is available only for timer work simple mode;

Specification of output contacts:


Max. voltage at

U~ = 250 V


Max. voltage at

Udir = 24 N

cosφ = 0.4

cosφ = 1

4 А

16 А

1000 VA

4000 VA

4 А

Commutation durability of contacts

 – mechanical service durability, times

– electric durability 16 А 250 V АС, times, not less

– electric durability 4 А 24 V DC, times, not less

– electric durability 4 А 250 V АС (cosφ = 0.4), times, not less

10 000 000

100 000

60 000

100 000

Timer REV-303 complies with requirements of:

Complex low voltage distribution devices. Part 1. General rules (IEC 60947-1:2004, ІDТ).

Low voltage switch and controller. Part 6-2. Multifunctional equipment. Control and protection switch devices (ІEC 60947-6-2:1992, ІDT).

Electromagnetic compatibility. Radio frequency industrial, scientific equipment. Electromagnetic devices specification. Standards and methods of measuring (CISPR 11:2004, IDT).

Electromagnetic compatibility. Part 4-2 Testing and measuring methods. ESD resistance testing (IEC 61000-4-2:2001, IDT).

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

2 pole MCB size (W:36 x H:100 x D:68 mm)




DIN Rail


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