Demand Controller Over Current & Earth Fault Relay OM-310


Display: Digital LED display, Power Monitoring: 3 – 450 KW, Current Monitoring: 5 – 1800A AC, Line Voltage Monitoring: 270 – 475V AC 50/60 Hz, Output: 2NO+2NC & 1NO+1NC, Application: Industrial monitoring, Generator protection, Demand controlling, Over Current & Earth Fault protection, Voltage monitoring. Country of Origin: India

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OM-310 Three Phase Numeric Power Management System is used for:

  • Power Monitoring
  • Demand Controlling
  • Generator protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Earth leakage protection
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Complete load rejection when the power consumption exceeds the main threshold for a user-set time
  • Partial load rejection when the power consumption exceeds the main threshold for a user-set time
  • Measurement and indication of three-phase electric circut parameters (active values of phase and line voltages)
  • Positive, negative and zero phase sequence voltages; active phase current values; active, reactive and full power load consumption, power factor
  • Emergency signaling
  • Remote monitoring and load activation/deactivation via the RS-232/RS485 interface or external switch

The device allows working with a load of 2.5 – 30 kW with the use of integrated current transformers, and with a load of up to 450 kW with the use of external current transformers, including in networks with an insulated neutral.

OM-310 offers electricity consumers following protection types:

  • Low-quality network voltage (unacceptable power surges, phase breaks, phase sequence disruption, phase/line voltage distortion)
  • Current exceeding the maximum allowed value on any of the load phases
  • Ground leakage currents
  • Automated reclosing can be allowed or forbidden for each type of protection
  • Electric equipment is protected by means of controlling the magnetic starter coil (contactor)
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