Data Logger & Power Quality Analyzer RPM-416


Display: 4-line backlit LCD, Input types: AC Voltage, AC Current, RTD, Analogue Transducer (0-10V DC & 4-20mA DC), Dry contact, Number of Inputs: 15 input channels (Sampling rate – 1 milli sec to 3600 sec programmable), Channels: 3 x Voltage, 4 x Current, 2 x Temperature, 2 x Analogue, 4 x Dry contacts, Application: Continuous Power Quality Analysis and Data Logging, Logging/Recording: 32 GB external SD/MMC (removable & replaceable), Additional: Built-in Ethernet port, Free PC software for analysis and report generation.

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Power Quality Analyzer and Data logger RPM-416 is a device intended for power quality analysis, electrical & process parameters measuring, monitoring as well as data archiving/storage with a sampling rate starting from 1 millisecond.

– Data sampling rate 1 milli second – 3600 second (programmable).

– Data archiving is made on the removable memory card (SD/MMC), which can be later analyzed in free PC software program provided with the logger.

– RPM-416 has an inbuilt real time clock powered by internal lithium-type battery.

– Device can be connected to Ethernet network via standard 10Base-T or 100Base-T. Data transfer happens simultaneously with data recording to memory card.

•Multi-channel – one data logger is sufficient for all working data receiving from the controlled device (15 channel); 
•Versatility/Modular – additional modules can be connected to the data logger which makes it possible to expand the range of incoming signals (voltage, current, temperature, discrete/digital inputs, etc.); 
•Galvanic isolation – incoming signals of high voltage and current are galvanically separated from other inputs which ensures easiness of data logger connection; 
•High reliability – self-control system and data saving algorithm protect against data loss in case of emergency situations (power supply failure, etc.); 
•Servicing convenience – four-lined LCD display with backlight enables to adjust the data logger and monitor its work (the values of recorded incoming signals are shown on the display), the key-board is used for setting, scrolling and control of the data logger;
•Remote monitoring and configuration – if the data logger is installed in a poorly accessible place with Ethernet connection it can simultaneously, with the data recording on the memory card, transmit data to PC/Server. This enables remote monitoring of the object. The more detailed analysis can be made on the basis of the data stored on the memory card. Web-interface enables via PC browser to make a remote configuration of the data logger without installing any other additional programs.


The data logger is constructively made in plastic case intended for fixing on DIN-rack 35 mm, case dimensions (91 x 157 x 57 mm) 9 modules of S type. The case is made of crashworthy, self-extinguishing material.


The data logger operation principle is based on the measuring values from all sensors connected to the data

logger inputs, accumulating the data in the data logger internal memory and data recording to the external memory

storage – memory card (SD / MMC).

The data logger is equipped with the inbuilt real time clock which is powered (in case of main power failure)

from inbuilt backup power cell – lithium type battery. The power from the backup supply is sufficient continuous

operation of real time clock during 10 years (at temperature 25 ºC).

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