Automatic Phase Selector PEF-301


Voltage: AC 220 – 240V, Logic: 3 Phase input & Single (best) phase output, Application: Healthy phase selection & uninterrupted power supply to load, Current: 16A direct and any load through contactors, Switching: In case of Undervoltage-Overvoltage-Phase loss with On delay & Switch delay timers. Country of Origin: India

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PEF-301 universal automatic electronic phase switch is designed to supply industrial and household appliance single phase 220 –  230V/50Hz loads from three-phase four-wire mains 3×380+N with the purpose of maintaining uninterrupted power supply of essential single-phase loads and protect them against unallowable voltage variations in the mains.

Depending on voltage presence and voltage quality on phases, the PEF-301 will automatically select the optimal phase and promptly switch the single phase load supply of any wattage to this phase:

  • Loads of wattage up to 3 kW (up to 16A) get power supply directly from PEF-301
  • When wattage exceeds 3 kW (16A), PEF-301 phase switch will control the magnetic contactors (MC) coils of corresponding wattage.

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Output Voltage: 220 – 240 V AC

Application: Selection of best phase among 3 phase input, switchover to live phase in case of phase cut

Power Factor: 1

Input Voltage: 220 – 415 V AC

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  1. waifxnlz

    Automatic healthy phase selection

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